Dry Eye Treatment

What is Dry Eye?

Do you have burning or itchiness around your eyelids? Excessive tearing? 

If any of the symptoms below are familiar to you, you may be suffering from dry eye syndrome.

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Dry eye is a chronic and progressive condition that not only diminishes your quality of life but also makes daily activities such as reading, driving, or exercise difficult. It typically occurs when your eyes do not produce enough tears or when they do not produce the right types of tears.  Because symptoms and treatment options vary between individuals, a dry eye evaluation is essential to develop an individualized treatment plan for each patient. Our office provides a variety of treatments and products to manage dry eye depending on the cause and severity of symptoms.

In-Office Dry Eye Treatments:


How do tears work?

Dry Eye

When you blink, a film of tears spreads over your eyes to keep the eye surface smooth and clear. This tear film is made up of three key components that are important for good vision and hydration: oil, water, and mucus. The watery layer moisturizes and cleans the eye surface, while the mucus and oil layer help tears stick to the eye and prevent them from evaporating quickly.

What causes dry eye?

As people get older, they tend to produce fewer tears. Besides aging, many factors such as the use of certain medications or underlying medical conditions, LASIK, and frequent contact lens or computer use can also lead to dry eye. Fortunately, there are some procedures that help relieve the signs and symptoms of dry eye by dealing with the root cause.

If you are suffering from dry eye, contact us to find out how we can help you find relief, today.

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